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Given in to Sin

Living life like suicide

3 March
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Fanfiction disclaimer: All of the Weiβ Kreuz characters belong to Takehito Koyasu and Project Weiβ.

General fic notes: Currently the two fics still getting updates are 'This is Not My Life' and 'Hello, Goodnight'. Updates are slow, but by all means sill in progress. Afraid I can't make any promises on anything older than that. I have new material in the works too, but it won't get posted until at least one of the previously mentioned fics gets concluded.

All chapters are linked to the chapters previous and following. All are searchable through both tags and memories.

Doujinshi: I am in the process of scanning and posting my WK doujinshi collection. This will be slow as I have a LOT to scan. I'll do my best to label by title and circle in the cases where I can decipher that information. Unfortunately my Japanese skills are not up to translating. Anyone who does have those skills and would feel inclined to donate some time to such a project is very very welcome to do so. By all means contact me.

I do not mind people saving copies of these scans and making icons out of the artwork, etc. But if you'd like to do so I'd prefer to receive a comment to let me know, and credit where you got the scan.